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Over 15 years of digital marketing experience


Social Media Manager | Marketing Tech Consultant | Virtual Events Admin | Project Manager | People Connector

I am passionate about digital marketing and aiding clients' success by improving their online presence.


My teenage dream of being an attorney never came to life so I chose the next "best" profession of becoming a legal marketing technologist and am a proud member of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA).

I love to help people and devote my spare time to various nonprofits, mostly in the legal industry. I currently serve as co-chair for the 2022 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Midwest conference, and previously served on the 2017 and 2020 Legal Marketing Association Tech Midwest committees, the 2021 LMA Strategies editorial board, and the 2021 LMA Midwest Regional Nominating Committee. I provided backend support in 2021 to LMA West and LMA Southwest for their virtual conferences and currently serve as Tech Chair for the 2022 Freeman Means Business Empowered Women conference.

I am a dedicated lifelong learner and recently earned a Workhuman* Certified Professional certificate in the field of social recognition and a digital marketing certificate with Good2BSocial adding to my growing list of degrees and certifications.

I am proud to be a registered member of the Cherokee Nation and am based in the Kansas City, MO Metropolitan area.

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